Black Dave, Pro Era Crew, ASG, D Stunna Interview on Scion All Purpose Show

The Scion AV All Purpose is back with your host Prince Paul and the whole Ill Out Crew. Get familiar with the folks that Scion AV has been working with, including Black Dave, the Pro Era Crew, ASG, From Beyond and Ill Clinton. There’s also a new installment of My iQ with Levi Maestro, plus we find out why Paul calls his sidekick Bloogle.

First up are in-studio visits from a couple of Scion Open Mic vets whose style of hip-hop Paul can relate to. Black Dave is a young kid from the Bronx, but it’s his humor that sets him apart. Then there’s the Pro Era Crew, who use beats inspired by the late 1980s and early 1990s, the time when Paul was developing his sound.

Photos: Black Dave, Pro Era Crew, DJ GetLive! at Scion Open Mic

Levi Maestro takes a quick detour with his My iQ challenge, bringing Adam Meyer of the tech startup Monospace in the car and then riding bikes.

Sal Barbier hits the Scion Rock Show to see what’s up with two monstrously heavy rock bands from the south: From Beyond and ASG. Check out the new songs each band recorded for the Scion Rock Show 7-inch series.

Finally, Prince Paul ventures out to Scion Open Mic to speak with Ill Clinton before their second ever show. If you’re not up on these Atlanta rappers, be sure to grab the free EP they recently released through Scion AV.

That’s all and thanks for watching.

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