Illest – Scion Monogram 7 Days of Upgrades

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Illest - Scion Monogram 7 Days of Upgrades

Post a picture of your lamest outfit using both the #ScionMonogram AND #Upgrade hashtags for a chance at winning up to $500 worth of merchandise from Illest!

The Scion Monogram Series recently unveiled upgraded versions of the Scion tC and the FR-S. They’ll only be at Scion dealerships for about a month, but we’ve been so impressed by their reception that we want to give the Scion community more opportunities for upgrades. Here’s how it’s going to work:

From Monday, March 17, through Tuesday, March 25 (excluding Saturday and Sunday), Scion will be partnering with 7 different brands over the course of 7 different days to upgrade your lifestyle.

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