Issues in the Music Industry, Taking Responsibility for Ideas in Music

The Taking Responsibility for Ideas in Music panel at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference brought together John Martin of VICE, Jeri Yoshizu of Scion, Stephen Malbon of FRANK151/BON and Timmhotep Aku of These voices from the marketing, corporate and press worlds look at a pressing and complicated issue in the music industry.

Photos: Scion Music(less) Music Conference 2013 in Los Angeles

Artists are becoming increasingly reliant on sponsorships and relationships with corporate clients to make a living, but sometimes the ideas they express in their music are at odds with the values their business partners espouse. Even though lyrics often come from the perspective of a fictional character or a cultivated persona, there are instances when these blurred lines have caused real world problems for both sides.

The panelists discuss the potential percussions that artists should be aware of when making music if they are working with corporate clients.

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