Indian Handcrafts and Dirty Streets Interviewed for Scion Rock Show

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Before Indian Handcrafts and Dirty Streets took the stage for the Scion Rock Show at The Satellite in Los Angeles, the two groups talked with pro skater Sal Barbier.

Indian Handcrafts explain that they’re a two-piece partially out of financial necessity, but that they sometimes sure wish there were more of them in the band when they mess up. And while they admit that they’ve played plenty of weird house shows, their strangest gigs of all have been as the opening band in hockey arenas across their native Canada.

Photos: Indian Handcrafts and Dirty Streets at Scion Rock Show

Dirty Streets out of Memphis reveal that the soundtracks to their van ride  in the earlier days leaned heavy on their obvious influences, but now it’s more of a Hall & Oates vibe. They then explain the unexpected Funkadelic and Isaac Hayes inspiration on “One For You,” their new single for Scion AV.

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