De La Soul Download Entire Catalog for Free Today

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Grab the De La Soul download until 9am PST tomorrow! Today De La Soul announced that they would giveaway their entire recorded catalog available for free for 25 hours. Thank you!

If you didn’t know already, Prince Paul, the host of the Scion AV All Purpose Show, produced the first three De La Soul albums. That would be 3 Feet High and RisingDe La Soul is Dead and Buhlone Mind State, all of which are classic. These are the records that made Prince Paul the hip-hop hero that he is, so if you don’t have them in your collection already, do it now. Watch the latest episode from the All Purpose Show featuring Freddie Gibbs, Little Debbie, Lecherous Gaze and more.

Also, Scion interviewed De La Soul a few years ago for our streaming radio program, so check out what these originals had to say.

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