The State of Record Stores at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference

The owners of Burger Records, Vacation Vinyl and Gramaphone Records came together to discuss The State of Record Stores at 2013’s Scion Music(less) Music Conference. Each of these stores has been able to thrive amid the downturn in music sales by finding their niche and serving their community. For Sean Bohrman of Burger Records it’s primarily garage rock in Orange County, for Mark Thompson of Vacation Vinyl it’s metal in Silver Lake, and for Michael Serafini of Gramaphone Records it’s dance music in Chicago.

These three panelists discuss topics ranging from what they’ve done to build customer loyalty, to developing digital webstores, to the importance of Record Store Day to their business.

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference of 2013 gathered over 70 experts for two days of panels, workshops and interviews directed towards people interested in expanding their creative possibilities and gaining insights on how the music industry works. Expect more videos from the conference in the coming weeks, every Monday or Thursday.

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