Daft Punk and Todd Edwards Win Best Dance Electronica Album and Album of the Year at Grammys

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Behind the Music with Daft Punk Collaborator Todd Edwards

A mighty congratulations to all the Scion AV artists who were nominated for the Grammys including Todd Edwards who won an award for Best Dance/Electronica Album and Album of the Year. We’re glad to see that the world is catching on to your genius!

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Todd Edwards earned his Grammy for Best Dance/Electronica Album and Album of the Year thanks to his contribution to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. The house legend sang and co-wrote the groovin’ track “Fragments in Time” from the landmark album.

Nile Rodgers, who has also worked with Scion AV, has taken home a few Grammy awards with Daft Punk. Check out his interview on the All Purpose Show with Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew.

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