Scion AV Presents MC Tree: The @MCTREEG EP, Download Now

MCTree EP - Scion AV

Scion Audio Visual today announces the next installment in the Scion AV Presents EP series with Chicago’s own MC Tree.  Entitled Scion AV Presents: THE @MCTREEG EP the release is now available as a free download. The collaborative project features Lennon of Project Mayhem and Taylor Outlaw. Scion AV and Tree will also be making a video for the track “Like Whoa” due out later in January.

Born and raised in Chicago, MC Tree has embraced all the Windy City has to offer culturally. He has his own unique style which he calls “soul trap,” incorporating elements of soul, funk, and blues mixed with the passion and edge of the Chicago rap scene. In 2012 he dropped his breakthrough release Sunday School, and in 2013 followed it up with his critically acclaimed Sunday School 2.  For his third project he teamed up with Scion AV for a sample free EP that both highlights his diverse Chicago sound and voice, while further establishing himself and the “soul trap” sound.

MC Tree on the EP, “The @MCTREEG EP is seven songs of me at my most vulnerable yet strongest. I really made great music for the masses with this one which Scion saw as well.”

“MC Tree has combined the elements of his surroundings into a distinctive yet still Chicago defined sound,” says Jeri Yoshizu, manager of sales promotion at Scion. “We just loved the idea of what he was doing, his originality with lyrics and beats, and wanted to help support his artistic vision through the Scion Audio Visual EP series.”

For more info on MC Tree follow him on Twitter, like him on Facebook and check out his website. Album artwork by Dr. Dax.

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