Top Five Scion AV Tracks of 2013, featuring High on Fire, Melvins, Harry Fraud and more

Scion AV put out a few dozen music releases in 2013, featuring new songs from some of our favorite acts. These ranged from another layer in the impressive discographies of established names to fresh first releases of new upstarts. All were available for free streaming and download.

Below are our five top tracks from all the rippers, bangers and riders we had the privilege to release this year.

Meshuggah, “Dancers to a Discordant System (live)”

The B-side to “Pitch Black” single is a monstrous live take on “Dancers to a Discordant System,” the powerful closer of Meshuggah’s 2008 album obZen.

Melvins, “Doctor Mule”

Melvins, a group of weirdos for life, dropped a serious brain bender on Scion 10 Series Music Release, a compilation that celebrated Scion’s decade supporting the arts.

Harry Fraud, “Rising” featuring Tech N9ne

Hip-hop’s resident beach bum producer Harry Fraud shapes the perfect pipeline for rapper Tech N9ne, from landlocked Kansas City, to zip through. It served as the perfect setup for Fraud’s High Tide EP.

High on Fire, “Slave the Hive”

Oakland’s power trio High on Fire returns with a single that delivers from the first second and keeps the up the brutality for the 243 following clicks of the clock.

De Lux, “Better at Making Time”

Los Angeles keeps the groove going with the post-punk and disco indebted duo De Lux. Pulled from their self-titled EP, as the video showed, good luck getting this song out of your head.

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