Merchandising Advancements at the 2013 Scion Music(less) Music Conference

During the Merchandising Advancements panel at the 2013 Scion Music(less) Music Conference, we brought together Edison Chen of the Shanghai-based CLOT and Juice, Oscar Martinez at JSR Merchandising, and Gordon Conrad, who runs the North American operations for the label Season of Mist. Merchandising has become an increasingly important way for bands to make money following the precipitous drop in music sales. This panel covers everything from the innovative tech pieces that some acts are experimenting with, to the trend towards album releases as art projects, to how much of sales still from come standards like T-shirt and hoodies.

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The Scion Music(less) Music Conference of 2013 gathered over 70 experts for two days of panels, workshops and interviews directed towards people interested in expanding their creative possibilities and gaining insights on how the music industry works. Expect more videos from the conference in the coming weeks.

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