Being a Rap Artist in 2013 Panel at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference

The Being a Rap Artist in 2013 panel at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference brought together Chase N. Cashe, Chippy Nonstop and Queen Michael to talk about how they’re making a career for themselves. In part 1 of this extensive panel, moderator Andre Torres of Wax Poetics has the participants explain the different ways they’ve been able to get attention and get work through their art, though they come from wildly different backgrounds.

Chase N. Cashe is a Grammy-nominated rapper and producer who has placed beats with other artists going back to 2003, Chippy Nonstop has made a name for herself through internet hustle, and Queen Michael is just getting her name out there with her take on sissy rap.

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference of 2013 gathered over 70 experts for two days of panels, workshops and interviews directed towards people interested in expanding their creative possibilities and gaining insights on how the music industry works. Expect more videos from the conference in the coming weeks.

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