Scion iQ Project Museum: Biz Markie

Few hip-hop legends are as widely adored and versatile as The Diabolical Biz Markie. From being one of the celebrated inventors of the human beatbox, to providing comic relief for the storied Juice Crew, Biz’s list of accomplishments is unparalleled. Today, hip-hop’s most lovable eccentric enjoys great success as a high profile DJ and TV personality. All of this stands without even mentioning his success as a recording artist. For the better part of a quarter century, chart-topping Biz Markie singles like “Just A Friend” and “Nobody Beats The Biz” have rocked just about every party worth it’s weight in five-finger rings.

It seems that Biz Markie’s ambition to have a meaningful and rich career is only limited by his imagination. That very imagination is behind this Project Museum Exhibit. On his travels through the years, Biz quietly gathered artifacts and mind-bending memorabilia. His prized hoard consists of kicks, VHS tapes, photos, cars, action figures, lunchboxes, specialty airbrushed gear, records, cassettes and event flyers nearly 30 years old. Biz has been known to express that he couldn’t afford many things as a kid, so he now collects everything he can get his hands on. Look through this exhibit, and you’ll get the feeling that Biz Markie is claiming that gap in his youth. The Biz collects with sincere nostalgia in his heart. In his words, “I’m not a kid no more, but you know I still collect toys”.

This exhibit is more than the celebration of an astounding collector, it’s also an exploration of an artist’s intellect. Often oversimplified as merely “The Clown Prince of Hip-Hop”, The Markie Kidd is also an enterprising soul with worldly tastes. Lucky for all of us, he’s been carefully archiving all along, building a collection that is just as fun and unique as his Biz himself.

Watch the guided tour below and check out the full exhibit on our YouTube playlist.

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