George Clinton Interviewed By Prince Paul at Scion Conference in Marfa

Prince Paul joined intergalactic funk hero George Clinton during a private conference that Scion held in Marfa, Texas, for small business owners. This was a big one for Paul, one of the most forward-thinking producers of modern times, since he says that without Clinton, the founder of Parliament and Funkadelic, he wouldn’t have had the career life that he’s had.

In this interview the two masterminds tackle topics both big and small. Clinton tells the story of how Bootsy Collins and his other bandmates started working with him, but he also gets into more abstract ideas like what funk exactly is and how funk can both born into and learned.

It’s an amazing interview watch, for those born funky or otherwise.

And if you’re not up on Marfa, it’s a remote city in West Texas that’s become a haven for contemporary art after Donald Judd moved there in the 1970s. It’s not easy to get to, but it’s amazing.

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