John Waters Interviewed by Prince Paul at Scion Conference in Marfa, Texas

John Waters Interview - Scion AV

Prince Paul and filmmaker John Waters sat down for an interview earlier this year during a private conference that Scion held in Marfa, Texas, for small business owners.

John Waters is a legendary director, screenwriter, author, lecturer and champion of strange America. (He was also on an episode The Simpsons!) Prince Paul not only hosts the Scion AV All-Purpose Show, but revolutionized hip-hop with his nothing is off limits approach to sampling. (He also won a Grammy for working with Chris Rock!)

So of course this was a great conversation that covered everything from Waters’ beloved Baltimore, to his approach to writing, to his recent trip hitchhiking across the United States. You can watch a portion of the talk below.

And if you’re not up on Marfa, it’s a remote city in West Texas that’s become a haven for contemporary art after Donald Judd moved there in the 1970s. It’s not easy to get to, but it’s amazing.

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