LA’s De Lux Announces Debut EP for Scion AV, Download Now

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Scion AV Presents De Lux

De Lux presents a new five-song EP on Scion AV that is now available as a free download. Combining post-disco and post-punk, this young Los Angeles duo have come together to make some excellent some clanging/banging jams on their debut. Sean Guerin and Isaac Franco play all the instruments in the groove-heavy band, creating an auspicious sound that looks forward even as it makes the most of the past.

This EP is De Lux’s debut release and in early 2014 they will put out their first full-length on the mighty Innovative Leisure label. Physical copies of the EP will be available on CD and vinyl on December 10, but for now you can bump it in digital form. Consider this is a preview of the great things that are sure to come.

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    LA’s De Lux Announces Debut EP for Scion AV, Download Now

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    LA’s De Lux Announces Debut EP for Scion AV, Download Now


    LA’s De Lux Announces Debut EP for Scion AV, Download Now