Scion AV All Purpose Show, Episode 7, With Riff Raff & Stalley

Scion AV All Purpose Show

The Scion AV All Purpose Show returns with your trusty host Prince Paul and the lovable goofs in the Ill Out Crew. Riff Raff and Stalley stop by for interviews. Each of these MCs have very excellent but very different beards. Whose do you prefer?

Next up Monihan admirably tries to interview the seven members of World’s Fair at the same time before their performance at the Scion Open Mic event in New York. On the other side of the country at the Scion Streaming Radio party in Los Angeles, Lloydski catches up with bass master Brenmar.

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Last up, Slick Rick Rivera tries to make sense of luxury streetwear brand Hood By Air’s MORPH show at Scion AV Installation since their art involves fashion and not, you know, drawings, and stuff.

Watch the full episode and be on the look out for extended version of the interviews.

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