Rockie Fresh Interview, Scion AV All Purpose Show

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Rockie Fresh on Scion AV All Purpose Show

Rockie Fresh came by the set of the Scion AV All-Purpose Show to talk with Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew. It’s part of the most recent episode, but now you can check out an extended version of the clip.

Photos: Rockie Fresh at Scion Open Mic

Rockie talks about being raised in the church, growing up in Chicago, how discovering hip-hop changed his life and how he met Rick Ross. But things get real when he starts getting into being heavy into Back to the Future and going to the DeLorean factory for the video for “Into the Future.” You can tell Paul is jealous.

Check out the brand new episode of the Scion AV All Purpose show with Rockie Fresh, Julian Malone, Harry Fraud, Levi Maestro, Plastician, and more!

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