ILLClinton Drops New EP on Scion AV, The ILL Experiment

ILLClinton - The ILL Experiment - Scion AV

ILLClinton, the rising Hip Hop duo out of North Atlanta, have a new six-song EP with Scion AV called  Scion AV Presents: The ILL Experiment. Brothers Brennan and Blake have been building a name for themselves on the underground hip-hop community this year, primarily with their ILLANTA mixtape, and The ILL Experiment is sure to bring them even more attention. Related: Scion AV Presents Harry Fraud High Tide EP

ILLClinton - Scion AV

The ILL Experiment is available for free download from Scion AV. Just check out the link below or stream it on Soundcloud.

The pair have also made a video for the EP’s track “New Alexandria” directed by pro skater Sal Barbier. Go full-screen on it and get your mind blown.

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