Scion AV All Purpose Show, Episode 5, Featuring Killer Mike, ASAP Rocky & Bootsy Collins

ASAP Rocky, Killer Mike, Vektor, Bootsy Collins - Scion AV All Purpose Show

The Scion AV All Purpose Show returns with host Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew. After the previous episode showcased the sounds and scenes around Scion Rock Fest, this time the All Purpose Show is back in New York City.

The first guest on the couch is Killer Mike, the rapper who may be ten years in the game, but who is still on a lyrical tear, particular in his recent collaborations with El-P.

Mr. Dead of the Ill Out Crew then sits down for some pizza with NYC’s A$AP Rocky to talk about why style is so important when on the mic and when putting together your wardrobe.

Next a Vektor superfan (and his brother, and his mom) get to meet the band before they play a Scion AV show. Luckily mom looks away when the the tattoos come out.

The Scion AV All Purpose Show correspondents offer  reports from Los Angeles as Lloydski speaks with Jubilee and Slick Rick Rivera checks out the Life show from  Sage Vaughn at the Scion AV Installation space.

Plus we get some great memories from funk legend Bootsy Collins.

Enjoy the show and look out for extended interviews from all the guests!

Incase you missed it, check out All Purpose Show Season 1 Episode 3 with Trinidad James, ASAP Ferg, and more!

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