Negative Approach, Ice Dragon & Arsis Live at Scion Rock Fest

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Negative Approach, Ice Dragon & Arsis Live at Scion Rock Fest

Negative Approach, Ice Dragon and Arsis offer a trio of live performances filmed at Scion Rock Fest in Memphis, Tennessee earlier this summer. These three acts show the range of bands who played the show, an all-day free concert that including everything from the slow and heavy to the loud and frantic.

Negative Approach is a pioneering Detroit-born hardcore band whose legend continued to grow after their brief first incarnation ended in the early 1980s. Since 2006 they’ve continued to play together sporadically. On the stage at the Hard Rock Cafe they blasted out “Live Your Life,” which can be found on Touch & Go’s crucial compilation of the band’s work, Total Recall.

Ice Dragon’s sound is much more monstrous. Gigantic riffs and smashing drums pummeled the crowd at Club 152 as the band brought forth “The Watchers” from their 2010 debut album The Burl, The Earth, The Aether.

Finally, Arsis played “Carve My Cross,” a technical death metal barrage that was so intense that we had to bring it outside to the rain and sweat-soaked stage in Handy Park. Obviously, Scion Rock Fest was no regular picnic.

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