The LSDJs (Don “Nuge” Nguyen and Jeremy) at the Scion AV All Purpose Show for Scion Rock Fest

LSDJs Interview for Scion AV All Purpose Show

When the Scion AV All Purpose Show came to Memphis for the Scion Rock Fest, host Prince Paul and Mr. Dead had the LSDJs drop by the set. Comprised of Baker skateboards team rider Don “Nuge” Nguyen and gardener Jeremy, the LSDJs spin heavy psych jams and feel good nuggets. The duo clue Paul and Dead into what DJing rock records is like and how the crowd responds before getting into a lengthy discussion about Jeremy’s beard. It’s fascinating (the conversation and the beard).

The LSDJs will be doing their thing at the first Scion Rock Show in Los Angeles, supporting Fu Manchu and Moab, on August 28, 2013. RSVP to attend.

Photos: Don “The Nuge” Nguyen Opening Reception at Scion AV Installation

Don “Nuge” Nguyen and his new Vol. 4 line’s show titled “Live Heavy, Travel Light” is still up at Scion AV Installation will be on view until September 1, 2013. Get there if you haven’t check it out yet.

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