The Scion AV All Purpose Show Arrives at the Scion Rock Fest for Episode 4

Scion AV All Purpose Show - Episode 4 - Rock Fest 2013

The Scion AV All Purpose Show heads to the Scion Rock Fest for its entire fourth episode. Host Prince Paul and Ill Out Crew representative Mr. Dead brought their set up to Memphis, Tennessee, earlier this summer and welcomed Testament, Touché Amoré, Municipal Waste, Vektor, Noisem, LSDJs and Melvins into the studio.

Photos: Scion Rock Fest 2013 Live Blog

Scion Rock Fest is an all-day free concert that features over two dozen bands, and Paul talked to everyone from the veteran headliners to the newbies who took their first plane flight to get to there. This episode features excerpts from these interviews and full versions of them will be up online soon.

Also on the scene at Rock Fest was Lloydski, who spent the day talking to the fans and getting outfitted in the right metal attire.

Get ready many more Scion Rock Fest performance videos and expanded segments fro, the Scion AV All Purpose Show in the coming days.

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