Scion AV Favorites Revocation Release New Self-Titled Album

Revocation - Scion AV

This week Revocation released their new self-titled album on Relapse Records. It’s the fourth full-length from the Boston-based technical death metal band, and with it they continue to impress. Guitar World premiered a streaming version of the album, which you can still check out before buying your own copy.

Last year the band’s vocalist and guitarist David Davidson told Scion Metal Zine, “Our musical philosophy is to push limits. We work within the metal genre, but at the same time, we try to take other elements outside of the metal genre and incorporate them into our music—whether it’s jazz or Latin flavors or more groovy stuff. We’re a metal band, first and foremost, but we’re always experimenting.”

Revocation are longtime favorites of Scion AV. Between 2011’s Chaos of Forms and their new one, they put out the Teratogenesis EP on Scion AV. It’s available as a free download.

Revocation created a video for Teratogenesis track “The Grip Tightens” as part of the Scion AV Video Series.

They also sat down for a in-depth interview with Scion AV at the end of 2012.


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