Pallbearer Play “Foreigner” at Scion Rock Fest 2013

Pallbearer at Rock Fest 2013 - Scion AV

Pallbearer were one of the highlights as the annual Scion Rock Fest came to Memphis, Tennessee this summer. Now you can watch as the band smashes through a 10-minute version “Foreigner” from their set at Club 152. The song is the opening track from the group’s Sorrow and Extinction, their first album and one of 2012’s best.

Live recordings of two other Pallbearer monsters from Sorrow and Extinction open up the Scion Label Showcase: Profound Lore compilation, which is available for free download.

Also, stay tuned for an all-new Scion AV All Purpose Show Episode 4 Rock Fest edition coming out on August 12. Check out the preview video below!

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