Scion Creative Summit for the Scion AV All Purpose Show

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Scion Creative Summit, All Purpose Show Episode 3 featuring Trinidad James, ASAP Ferg, Nile Rogers

For the third episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show, correspondent Lloydski headed out to the Scion Creative Summit in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. This event brought together small business owners and creative types to share ideas and discuss the problems they face. All the folks who attended have attained a level of success, so Lloydski asked what advice that can give to people who are just starting out.

Hear the thoughts from participants including Roger Gastman of R. Rock Enterprises, Trouble & Bass’ Star Eyes and Mahssa Taghinia of Finders Keepers and Mount Analog.

To glean more knowledge watch Creative Summit attendee David Brodsky explain how to make a kick-ass video at 2012′s Scion Music(less) Music Conference.

Watch Episode 3 from the All Purpose Show to see interviews from Trinidad James, ASAP Ferg, Nile Rodgers, and more!

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