Enslaved Superfan Meets the Band on the Scion AV All Purpose Show

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Scion AV All Purpose Show - Episode 3 - Enslaved from Roadburn Records at Scion Label Showcase

In the latest episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show we brought Enslaved superfan Derek Scott backstage to meet the band. It happened when the Norwegian black metal veterans came to West Hollywood to headline the Scion Label Showcase for Roadburn Records. Together they talked about the band’s fandom of early Alice in Chains and their plans for a North American tour. Watch the full All Purpose Show episode below as well as the Superfan video below.

Watch the Scion AV All Purpose Show, Episode 3

Get a free download of songs Earthless and White Hills recorded live that night on Scion Label Showcase: Road Records below.

You can hear another unreleased White Hills song, “Forever in Space (Enlightened), on the recent Scion 10 Music Release compilation.

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