The Scion AV All Purpose Show, Episode 3, Featuring Trinidad James & Nile Rodgers

Scion AV All Purpose Show

The third episode of the Scion AV All Purpose Show finds host Prince Paul and the Ill Out Crew welcoming solid gold rapper Trinidad James and music legend Nile Rodgers to the set (unfortunately not at the same time). With these two guests you get two sides of the musical spectrum: one is burning it up right now and the other has maintained a presence in the pop music world for over three decades.

Later in the episode, correspondent Lloydski heads to the Los Angeles to talk with Kastle at the Scion AV dance music event and Slick Rick Rivera has Gluekit lead him through their Long Play” exhibit at the Scion AV Installation space. We also introduce an Enslaved superfan to the band at the Roadburn Records installment of the Scion Label Showcase series, let ASAP Ferg drops some facts and get some advice from participants at the Scion Brainstorm Summit in Wyoming.

The All Purpose Show is available at Scion AV’s YouTube channel and more episodes will become available every few weeks.

You can also check out an extended version of Trinidad James’ interview with Prince Paul.

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