VICE x Scion AV, “Young Americans” Episode 8, Where Are We Headed?

Scion AV and Vice presents Young Americans Season Finale, Where Are We Headed

This is the final episode of the second season of “Young Americans”, a web series created by VICE and Scion AV, about the issues that young people in the United States wrestle with on a daily basis. Director and producer Lance Bangs closes things out by looking towards the future, asking the respondents about what they see themselves doing in 10 years and how their generation will be defined.

Their outlook isn’t particularly optimistic, but it doesn’t seem doomed. There is a definite overriding sense of ambivalence, but what else would you expect from a generation living in such unsure times and whose specialty has become reinvention.

If you missed any of the earlier episodes from “Young Americans,” be sure to check them out, plus the first season of “Young Americans,” is still available.

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