Vice x Scion AV, Young Americans Episode 7, Cultural Stereotypes

Scion AV x Vice presents Young Americans, Episode 7, Cultural Stereotypes

In the seventh episode of Young Americans,” developed by Scion AV and Vice, people from around the country discuss the cultural stereotypes that they hold and the ones they are confronted with. This web series was directed and produced by filmmaker Lance Bangs, who constructed it from the interviews he conducted while traveling the United States.

The participants discuss how people from different parts of the country are received and how your home state brings certain connotations. They then talk about how racial stereotypes present themselves and even the ones that at exist within different ethnic groups. But they also don’t think that this is a problem that can’t be fixed and get into what a person can do in order change their own preconceptions and those of others.

Watch Young Americans Season 1 below.

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