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First, click the play button up top before you start reading. If you live in L.A. and you leave your house at all, then you know about Thee Mike B, a DJ and promoter who has turned up at every club and bar worth its salt from Hollywood to Downtown to the Valley. Born Mike Brillstein, this gregarious master of the mix not only holds down multiple residencies but also produces as part of Fifteenth, POOLS, Camo UFOs and god only knows how many other aliases (check them out here). He’s about to launch the latest chapter of his Scion radio show with many special guests, secret surprises and the best in house music, disco, funk and beyond. But before he does (and before he jetted off to Vegas), we asked him a few questions about the show and what he’s feeling this summer.

Tell us about some guests you’ve got coming on the show.
For July, I have Them Jeans, a longtime friend and veteran LA DJ/promoter. He started the infamous Dim Mak Tuesdays party with Steve Aoki and is the host of the very popular Tall Tales podcast. His set for the show is one of the best yet and we had a lot fun with the interview.

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In August, I have a special “Live Party” edition of the show with Lloydski, Eli Escobar and Jesse Rose. We threw an invite-only party in my studio and they each did an hour set. All the station ID’s and everything else on the mic were done live during the recording as over 20 people danced in my studio. It was pretty special. Lloyd and Eli are known for their Nite People and Tiki Disco parties in NY, as well as both being very talented producers. Jesse Rose is a world-class housemMusic legend with countless classic releases and remixes, as well as the boss of the Made To Play and Play It Down labels.

How is doing a radio show different than your DJ sets?
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been a huge music fan and collector ranging from all kinds of rock and punk stuff to many genres of dance music and of course hip-hop, reggae and R&B. The show gives me a chance to play so many tracks for people that I’d never be able to play in a club setting. And I try to always stay aware and take full advantage of that.

Thee Mike B Scion Streaming Radio, Them Jeans

What can people expect from your radio show?
I’d say almost every show is unique. I’ve done shows where I didn’t play at all. For example, in August 2012 I had Prince Club, Teki Latex, Brenmar and Fashen. However, I did a show last April where I played for all three hours and barely spoke. Listeners can mostly expect me to play new and sometimes exclusive tracks, as well as old and rare stuff that I love. All the guest DJ sets are recorded live, in one take, in my studio. That’s a rule. Most sets are followed up with a 5-10 minute interview.

I’ve had so many amazing guests including Brodinski, Sinden, Para One, Light Year, Joyce Muniz, Omar Doom, Nadastrom… The list goes on and on. It’s been a really fun and interesting approach to presenting music.

Who would be your dream DJ guest, living or dead?
If that’s the case, I really wish I could’ve had DJ AM on. I know the interview would’ve been hilarious. He was one of the funniest, most insightful people I’ve ever known, and quite possibly the best DJ who ever lived. Short of that, I’d want either Doc Martin or Funkmaster Flex to do three-hour sets.

Name three of your biggest inspirations outside of music.
R. Crumb, Quentin Tarantino and Spalding Grey.

What three producers do you think are going to be really hot for the next year and why?
I’d say Club Cheval, a collective of young producers from Paris who are seemingly making music in the future and bringing it back to us. Boston Bun, who recently signed to Ed Banger, is yet another young Frenchman with a phenomenally fresh approach to house music. And last but not least, Philly cat turned LA resident Stevie Be. He’s the mastermind behind Pipes, a rap/dance hybrid group with Matty Pipes on vocals, and NYCPARTYINFO, which is a really cool house project he has with Louisahhh. He’s an incredibly discerning and critical producer with an endless flow of new, awesome ideas.

What’s the one best thing to wear this summer?
The Hundreds x Grateful Dead collabo tank tops.

What’s your drink and food of choice for summer 2013?
Canada Dry Green Tea Ginger Ale and fresh Santa Barbara sea urchin.

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