Daniel Bergstrand Studio Tour for Scion Music(less) Music Conference

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Come with Daniel Bergstrand on a studio tour of Dugout Productions as part of a series for the Scion Music(less) Music Conference. Bergstrand has been producing and mixing heavy music out of his native Sweden for over two decades, starting when he was still in his teens. Dugout is his third studio and he’s put together an impressive set up to make some powerful music. Some of the equipment he uses comes from companies based out of his home country.

Bergstrand’s credits include albums by Strapping Young Lad, In Flames, Decapitated and Behemoth. He also re-teamed with Meshuggah on 2012’s Koloss, featuring the song “Demiurge,” which was featured in the Scion AV Video Series. 

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There were ten studio tours created for the 2012 edition of the Scion Music(less) Music Conference, including visits with Nick Hook, Bare, Poolside, Jazzy Jeff and Party Supplies. More studio tours from the music conference will be available soon.

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