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Young Americans is a collaboration between Scion AV and Vice that tracks the changing attitudes towards social issues in the United States. This web series is built from dozens of interviews that producer and director Lance Bangs conducted across the country. Episode 5 from this season explores the attitudes towards the LGBT community and divergent experiences within it.

While respondents in places like Portland say that the attitude towards people of different sexual orientations and gender identities is generally positive, others say that within their own communities there is still plenty of hostility. The young people featured in this episode also discuss the range of voices within the LGBT world and how they’ve had to deal with being part of multiple disempowered groups, which creates “interlocking hierarchies of oppression.” And that is some heavy stuff to deal with.

If you missed the first season of “Young Americans,” you can still check it out and make sure to check back next Wednesday for another new episode of Young Americans.

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