VICE x Scion AV, Young Americans Episode 4, Body Image

Scion AV x Vice Young Americans Episode 4 - Body Image

“Young Americans,” brought to you by VICE and Scion AV, tackles issues related to Body Image in its fourth episode. Director and producer Lance Bangs travelled the country for the second season of this series, speaking with the youth of the United States about what they’re thinking about and what challenges they face. For this episode, the interviewees get at how issues of excercise and eating affect how they feel, both emotionally and physically. Several of them discuss the impact of how they were treated when they were overweight still follow them and others describe the positive impact that taking better care of themselves has had on their lives. What becomes clear, is how hard it can be to live a healthy lifestyle in modern America. If you missed the first season of “Young Americans,” you can still check it out.

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