Tons of Photos from Scion Rock Fest 2013

1. Whitechapel

Scion Rock Fest, our annual mega-showcase of heavy music, came to Memphis, Tennessee earlier this month. Nearly 30 bands played across five stages for this free, all-day festival. The lineup included everyone from time-tested masters like Testament and Corrosion of Conformity, to newly crowned leaders like Royal Thunder and Whitechapel, to hungry shredders like ASG and The Shrine.

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If you were with us in Memphis, check out some great photos to relive your memories. And if you weren’t there, maybe these images will make you realize that you must come out next year. Check out the full photo gallery on our Facebook page.

2. Testament


18. Melvins


17. Gigan


16. The Casualties

The Casualties

15. Royal Thunder

Royal Thunder

14. ASG


13. Rotting Out

Rotting Out

12. Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch

11. Call of the Void

Call of the Void

10. Corrosion of Conformity

Corrosion of Conformity

9. Vektor


8. Touché Amoré

Touché Amoré

7. Indian Handcrafts

Indian Handcrafts

6. The Shrine

The Shrine

5. Negative Approach

Negative Approach

4. Municipal Waste

Municipal Waste

3. The Obsessed

The Obsessed

19. Crowd

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Watch Whitechapel – I Dementia music video

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