Integrity Release Suicide Black Snake, Look Back at Their History with Scion AV

Integrity - Dwid Hellion

This week Integrity put out Suicide Black Snake, their new release on A389 Recordings. These hardcore leaders have been blowing minds since 1988 with dozens of releases and hundreds of shows. Their tireless work ethic and fearless message has won them the allegiance of a dedicated community of supporters. Suicide Black Snake is the group’s first full-length for Baltimore-based A389.

Integrity has a long history with Scion AV. They’ve demolished stages at the Scion Metal Matinee in 2010 at The Roxy in Los Angeles and the 2011 edition of Scion Rock Fest in Pomona, California.

Integrity headlined last year’s Scion Label Showcase for A389. Watch an interview vocalist Dwid Hellion and guitarist Rob Orr gave before the show.

Hellion was also a panelist at the Scion Music(less) Music Conference in 2011, joining Rob Swift, Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste and Steven McDonald of OFF! and Redd Kross to discuss “How to Deal With Record Labels.”

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