Vice x Scion AV Young Americans, Media Representations, Episode 3

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The third episode of “Young Americans” chronicles media representations in the modern age. Made as a collaboration between Scion AV and VICE, the second season of “Young Americans” showcases the words and ideas of ordinary people that director and producer Lance Bangs recorded as he travelled the United States. The on-going theme for this season is issues of ethnicity.

This episode begins with the seemingly innocuous question, “What’s your favorite movie?” But the answers are surprisingly revealing about the character and disposition of the respondents. From there, the subject matter turns to how depictions of people—and some would say a broader range of people—are changing in the media, in regards to films, television to and all forms of advertising. People discuss how these representations have had an effect on them, and how they could improve.

If you missed the first season of “Young Americans,” you can still check it out.

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