Hood By Air Interview with Designer Shayne Oliver at Scion AV Installation

Scion AV Installation - Hood By Air - Shayne Oliver

Scion AV Installation – Hood By Air – Shayne Oliver

You may know the brand Hood By Air from seeing its giant HBA logo on Drake, Kanye West, and ASAP Rocky, who has become a sort of unofficial spokesman for the brand after wearing it in nearly every video and photo shoot. You might have heard HBA name-checked in the title of DJ/producer Kingdom’s wicked, Madonna-sampling track “Hood By Air Theme.” But the “luxury streetwear” label from New York is actually the brainchild of soft-spoken designer Shayne Oliver, who hails from Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn and is also one of the DJs/promoters behind NYC’s popular GHE20GOTH1K parties.

Photos: Hood By Air Opening Reception Photos from Scion AV Installation

In this rare interview, we catch up with Shayne right before the opening of “Morph,” his Hood By Air pop-up shop at the Scion Installation space in Los Angeles. Find out all about the meaning behind “Hood By Air,” check out some new exclusive designs, and learn why the space’s meat hooks and baggage are real and metaphorical at the same damn time.

Check back next week to RSVP for Comfort for the Desperate Children, the forthcoming show Scion AV Installation show by poster artist Jermaine Rogers. In the video below, watch Jermaine Rogers talk about getting the money you deserve at the 2013 Scion Music(less) Conference.


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