“Young Americans” Discusses the Asian American Experience in the Second Episode

Scion AV x VICE presents Young Americans Season 2 Episode 2 - Asian American Experience

The second episode of the new season of “Young Americans” explores the issue of the Asian-American experience. Season 2 of “Young Americans”—the series created by Scion AV and VICE —finds director and producer of Lance Bangs travelling the United States talking to people about ethnicity.

This episode gets at just how diverse, and misunderstood, the Asian-American experience in the U.S. can be. Some of the topics covered include overcoming stereotypes, the assumptions of others, reconciling mixed race heritage and evolving relationships with the country your ancestors came from. As you’d expect, it’s all fascinatingly complex.

If you missed the first season of “Young Americans,” you can still check it out.


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