Season 2 of Scion AV and VICE’s Young Americans Series Starts with “Coming to America”

Scion AV and VICE presents Young Americans Season 2, Episode 1

Scion AV x VICE presents Young Americans Season 2 Episode 1

Young Americans begins its second season with the episode “Coming to America.” This web series from Scion AV and VICE finds producer and director Lance Bangs once again traveling the United States, talking to the country’s youth about their experiences and backgrounds.

While the first season of Young Americans in 2012 focused on the issues that young people faced during an election year, on this go-around the concentration is on ethnicity and how it affects both the individual and the nation’s character. So it’s fitting that the first episode looks at how where a person’s family comes from plays a part, or doesn’t, in how they perceive themselves and their relationship to the U.S.

The people that Bangs talked to range from those who can precisely breakdown the percentage of their ethnic background to those who simple identify themselves as “American.” They also discuss the mix of pride and embarrassment that your heritage can bring.

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