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Scion House Party presents DJ Falcon, Alan BraxeDJ Falcon was recently featured on The Collaborators, the Creators Project’s series about the musicians who contributed to Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories. Falcon (born Stéphane Queme) lent a hand to the album’s closer “Contact.” At the end of the Collaborators segment you can hear Falcon’s remix of Alan Braxe’s “Time Machine,” which is included on the recent Scion AV Presents: Alan Braxe — Moments in Time EP.

DJ Falcon actual discography may be brief, but what he has put out has had a major impact on what’s become known as the French touch sound. Plus he has an extensive behind the scenes history in France’s electronic music scene.

In the 1990s Falcon worked as an A&R for Virgin Records and put on shows with Pedro Winter, who would go on to start the Ed Bangers label and Headbangers Entertainment management company. The connection between DJ Falcon and Daft Punk stretches back to the duo’s earliest days, when they were just beginning to make a name fore themselves around Europe. Falcon had two solo releases on Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk’s currently dormant Roulé Records and also teamed up with him for two more releases as Together. He is also the cousin of dance music star Alan Braxe, who he DJed with at a Scion House Party event at the Viper Room in Los Angeles back in 2007.

Most of DJ Falcon tracks are heavily influenced by classic disco, and built from samples of it, capturing a joyous bounce and a sense of complete abandon. His remix of Cassius’ “La Mouche” from 1999 is a dancefloor igniter even over a decade later. But on his 2013 remix of Braxe’s “Time Machine” he mirrors the more restrained approached on the entire Moments in Time EP. Falcon’s take is both dreamy and pleading, a melancholy culmination to a romantic experience.

DJ Falcon performs at Scion House Party at the Viper Room in Los Angeles, CA

Listen to Alan Braxe – Time Machine [with The Spimes] (DJ Falcon Remix)
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Watch an interview with DJ Falcon
Watch an interview with Alan Braxe and DJ Falcon

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