My Best Decision/My Worst Mistake: Static Revenger

For the first issue of the new Scion AV Journal we asked some of the artists that Scion works with to tell us the best decision and worst mistake they made early in their careers. Here’s what veteran electronic music producer Static Revenger told us:

My Best Decision

To get out of the culture of major label deals. I had been making a good living being a major label artist, but I wasn’t making a good career. The music wasn’t getting released and I didn’t own the rights. It was a deliberate decision on my part to no longer be signed to a major label, so nine years ago I became an electronic artist named Static Revenger who made his own music and owned all the rights.

My Worst Mistake

The worst mistake was something that I actually had no control over. It happened 12 years ago. It was my first record deal and I did what I thought was the right thing and hired a fancy lawyer to make sure the deal was done right. Then the following year I signed to a major label. There was one word that was supposed to be in the contract that my lawyer had accidentally forgotten—the word “not” was supposed to be in a clause, but it wasn’t. That mistake cost me $200,000. I never really understood the lesson in that. I guess I should haven taken the time to empower myself to know exactly what every part of what I was signing meant. After that mistake, what I should have done was sue the lawyer, but I wasn’t savvy enough to do that. Needless to say I didn’t work with him again.

Download Static Revenger’s recent EP Scion AV Presents: Music in Motion.

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