New Release from Earache Records Featuring Vektor, Free Download

Earache Records Rages for the Scion Label Showcase

The new Scion Label Showcase release for Earache Records features two songs from Vektor, the riders of thrash music’s post-apocalyptic landscape. These versions of “Cosmic Cortex” and “Tetrastructural Minds” were recorded in the beginning of 2013 at The Glass House in Pomona, California at a show that also included performances from Oceano, Bonded by Blood and White Wizzard.

Photos: Oceano, Vektor, Bonded by Blood, and White Wizzard at Scion Label Showcase

Vektor is most easily classified as a thrash metal band, but they also incorporate elements of progressive rock from the 1970s and science fiction from the 1980s. Though they’ve been around in different forms for over a decade now, the rest of the world is finally catching up to their unexpected take on the sound.

Guitarist and vocalist David DiSanto started the band 2002 in Arizona, eventually crystallizing the lineup with guitarist Erik Nelson, bassist Frank Chin and drummer Blake Anderson in time for their 2009 debut album Black Future. They followed it up with Outer Isolation in 2011, the release that includes the original version of both of the songs on this free Scion AV release. Now working with Earache Records and living out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Vektor plans to release a new album later this year. Lookout for it. Also, Vektor will also be playing this year’s Scion Rock Fest in Memphis, Tennessee, on June 1.

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Download Scion AV Presents: Label Showcase — Earache Records for free.

Watch an interview with Vektor to learn more about how they arrived at their sound, plus check out an interview with Oceano, another Earache Records act.

 Vektor Interview
Oceano Interview

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