Lunice Is On Rap’s Futuristic Frontier

Lunice is one of the many young artists that Scion AV is working with who pushes the boundaries of what hip-hop can be. The young producer remains one of 2013’s hottest prospects, as listeners wait to hear what he’ll unleash next through both his solo work and his project TNGHT with Hudson Mohawke. Lunice is capable of blending disparate movements into his music, incorporating bass-heavy sounds like trap music, the skittering snares of Chicago’s juke and his own percussive flexing on the MPC. Sometimes listening to these compositions can feel like you’re hearing the personal video game soundtrack playing in Lunice’s mind.

Befitting his unorthodox sound, Lunice got deeply into music through the unexpected songs he chose to break dance to as a teen in Montreal. He soon began making his own music at home using FruityLoops software. In the intervening years he’s released a pair of EPs and a pair of singles on the LuckyMe and Souther Hospitality labels, respectively. After a hometown DJ gig opening for Diplo, the two went on to work together on remixes for indie rockers Deerhunter and Julianna Barwick. Another friend and collaborar is Harlem hellion Azealia Banks—that’s Lunice goofing around with her in the mega-popular video for “212” and he produced the song “Runnin'” off her Fantasea mixtape from 2012. But so far Lunice’s most fruitful partnership has been with Scottish producer Hudson Mohawke as TNGHT. Though their self-titled debut EP is only five songs long, it landed on many of 2012’s Best Of lists and even got the attention of Kanye West, who made a surprise cameo during the duo’s show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn last December. 

To get further acquainted with Lunice, check out a video interview with him as well a Scion AV-produced introductory video for TNGHT.

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