Levi Maestro Delivers Keynote Interview at Scion Motivate

In March, the Scion Motivate project brought 50 young entrepreneurs to Santa Monica for the final stage of this nation-wide competition. The contestants spent two days in workshops led by experts where they learned about key aspects of running a small business, ranging from fundraising, to developing an online presence, to creating a visual identity, to making sales. Each day started and ended each day with a keynote interview with someone whose story could inspire them. 

The final night of Scion Motivate, before the big checks came out for the 10 winners, featured an interview with documentarian and videographer Levi Maestro, conducted by writer and columnist Simon Dumenco. A self-taught filmmaker through his own skateboarding videos, Maestro originally moved to Los Angeles to learn to be a music video director. Unfortunately just as he came to the city, the music video industry went into a deep decline and all the budgets dried up. Maestro assessed his options and talents, then he decided to create his own web video series called Maestro Knows where he profiles celebrities, his friends and his celebrity friends. But the real innovation of Maestro Knows was Maestro’s decision to partner with brands to sponsor each episode.

Photos: “Here I Am, There I Go” From Levi Maestro Opens at Scion AV Installation

In the following years, new opportunities for Maestro have continued to spring from Maestro Knows. He’s collaborated with many brands and consulted for them as well. He’s worked with Scion on projects that take him away from strictly his filmmaking roots. In February of 2013, Maestro put together Here I Am, There I Go, at the Scion AV Installation space in Los Angeles for the first exhibit of his art and designs, which included hats, multi-media fine art pieces, apparel and much more.

You can now watch a portion of Levi Maestro’s keynote address at Scion Motivate, as well as an interview with him about the Here I Am, There I Go show.

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