Scion Motivate Brings Together the Scion Community

This past March for the culmination of the Scion Motivate contest, Scion brought a group of 50 young business owners to Los Angeles for a three-day event. They attended workshops and listened to guest speakers in order to get ideas about how to make their companies more successful and figure out what they should do next to keep growing. In the end, Scion rewarded 10 of them with a personal mentor, a Scion of their own and $10,000.

Many of the workshop leaders and keynote speakers at Scion Motivate were drawn from Scion’s broad community of creative collaborators. Below are a just a few of the people who were involved and some previous Scion AV projects they’ve been involved with.

Levi Maestro makes and hosts the video series Maestro Knows. He spoke to the attendees about his own story and helped lead the workshop about Expanding the Size & Services of Your Company. Previously Maestro had his own exhibit at the Scion AV Installation gallery, plus he and Scion AV put together a soundtrack for his trip across the country, which is available for free download.

Erik Lavoie has been part of VICE for the past 18 years, seeing it through its transformation from a Montreal punk zine into a leading global media company. He is currently in charge of developing new divisions within the company, such as AdVICE, VICE’s partner site network for video distribution. At Scion Motivate he spoke at the Growing Sales workshop. VICE has worked with Scion on many projects over the years, most recently the Young Americans video series directed by Lance Bangs.

James Friedman is the head of the Throne of Blood record label and is also a lawyer who co-owns the company Passé Publishing. He headed up the Scion Motivate workshop on Legal Issues. Here he talks about his involvement in dance music.

Loana dP Valencia handles of publicity and video promotion for the independent metal label Nuclear Blast.  Her Scion Motivate workshop covered online development. Scion featured live recordings from several Nuclear Blast artists on the recent Scion Label Showcase: Nuclear Blast release, which is available as a free download.

Nikao Yang of AdColony, a startup that develops video ads for online games and aps, also participated in the Online Development Panel. Yang helped developed the Scion AV Radio app.

Shawn Carrano works at The Artery Foundation, a management company he co-founded that represents over 90 acts. He spoke on the Scion Motivate workshop about Marketing, Publicity and Promotion. One of the acts he represents is Revocation, who put out a free EP on Scion AV last year.

Dust La Rock is a respected artist who works as the creative director of Fool’s Gold Records. He appeared on the Scion Motivate panel about Creating a Visual Identity. Fool’s Gold star Danny Brown released the single for his song “Grown Up” on Scion AV last year.

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