Meshuggah “Pitch Black” Test Pressing Giveaway + Behind the Scenes Tour Photos

Hey Meshuggah fans! We are giving away 20 vinyl test pressings of Meshuggah’s “Pitch Black.” The only way to get one is to enter our Instagram contest! To enter, follow us on Instagram (@ScionAV) and repost the image above and include “#ScionAV #Meshuggah” in the caption. We’ll be giving away five vinyls per week for the next four weeks.

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Last month, Swedish metal giants Meshuggah wrapped up The Ophidian Trek 2013: The 2nd Slithering, a massive tour of heavy metal mayhem that snaked its way across all of North America, from Orlando, Florida to Las Vegas, Nevada. With the support of Scion, the kings of polyrhythmic thrash also released two new free EPs, Pitch Black and I Am Colossus. Check out these exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from Meshuggah’s 2012-2013 long, strange trip.

If you’re a real metal fan, make sure you keep scrolling after the photos for details to download Pitch Black and I Am Colossus for free!

Meshuggah setting up their amazing psychedelic tour art work (based on the cover of their most recent album Koloss) by Kathmandu-based artist Luminokaya.

The band thrashes the stage at Chicago’s House of Blues.

The band cutting-out a cardboard version of vocalist Jens Kidman to take on tour with them.

Cardboard Jens throws the goat!

A behind-the-scenes shot of Tomas Haake’s massive drum kit.

A coffee refueling moment in Philly before the band played the Theatre of the Living Arts.

See the world like drummer Tomas does: a couple views of Roseland Ballroom from behind the kit.

See the world like drummer Tomas does: a couple views of Terminal 5 from behind the kit.

Cardboard Jens makes a ghostly appearance.

Tomas Haake pursues the American Way in Portland… with chili fries and Buffalo wings.

Meshuggah squints in the streets of Seattle.

A green-lit balcony view from House of Blues Boston.

 A fiery stage as seen from the backstage monitors. Spooky!

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