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Brooklyn record label Trouble & Bass is known for their raw approach to bass music. For over six years, the crew of Drop the Lime, AC Slater, Star Eyes and Strange VIP (formerly The Captain) have been making and releasing wild tunes and throwing even crazier parties all over the globe. You can catch some of the madness every month via their Scion Radio show, which has featuredmixes from the likes of Girl UNIT, Nasty Nasty and Clicks & Whistles. We caught up with label head Drop the Lime and asked him a few questions about T&B and his fellow vamp champs.

And if you enjoy this interview, keep scrolling down for an exclusive one-on-one with DTL from the Scion Music(less) Conference, plus a free download of Trouble & Bass Scion CD sampler, featuring big tunes from Starkey, Little Jinder and more!

What is Trouble & Bass?
A gang, a label, a party, an attitude. Discovering new dimensions in sonic magic and sharing it with the world through dance parties and beyond.

What are some of the main inspirations behind the T&B label?
Vintage horror, dark fashion, ’90s jungle and drum & bass, ’90s Chicago and New York house music and taking a DIY punk approach to throwing a party and running a label.

What gang or cast of characters does Trouble & Bass most resemble?
We’re like the four classic monsters of horror living in a dark comic caper. Wolfman, Dracula, Frankenstein and Vampira. Even though we lean towards the darker things in life, crackin’ jokes and being funny plays a big part in who we are as well.

When did you first know Trouble & Bass was successful?
When we progressed from small warehouse parties to bigger events with headliners like Skream and Benga and people we didn’t know were wearing our T&B shirts. We knew we had reached an audience that expanded beyond hardcore producers and DJs, and also included general partygoers and ravers.

Tell us a bit about your Scion radio show. What can people expect?
We love to mix it up and bring various guests to come do exclusive mixes for us. Everything always bass-heavy and bass-oriented, of course, and we like to throw in interviews as well.

How do you know when the bass is really good?
When the windows break.

What are some upcoming releases/projects/parties we should look out for?
We’ve got three massive free events going on at SXSW and Miami Music Week this year. We’re teaming up with artists like Plastician, Salva, Brodinski and Clicks & Whistles, to name a few. Read all about the parties and RSVP here. All sets will be recorded and available to listen to on our Scion Radio show. We also have a lot of new music and collaborations dropping. One is a project called Renegades that is myself teaming up with Plastician and Shox from London. Also Damn Kids, Lucent and a new side project from Hostage and Neil Landstrumm.

Do you guys ever get sick of wearing all black?
Once a year we wear all white and go sailing on the Hudson and drink Aperol spritzes. Only once a year though.


Drop the Lime One-on-One Interview from Scion Music(Less) Conference


Free Download of Trouble & Bass CD Sampler


Stream the Trouble & Bass Scion Radio Show

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