It’s Time for the Moments in Time EP from Alan Braxe for Scion AV

Alan Braxe keeps gliding on with his new Moments in Time EP for Scion AV. Cruise the empty, lovelorn  streets of your own mind with his timeless, low BPM songs. Moment in Time features four new songs, plus seven additional remixes (whoa!) from Gigamesh, Memory Tapes, DJ Falcon, LifelikeChateaubriand, Le Crayon and Mr. Gonzo.


1. One More Chance [with The Spimes]

2. Time Machine [with The Spimes].

3. Voices

4. Daydreaming

5. Time Machine [with The Spimes] (Gigamesh remix)

6. Time Machine [with The Spimes] (Chateaubriand Remix)

7. Time Machine [with The Spimes] (Le Crayon Remix)

8. Time Machine [with The Spimes] (Mr. Gonzo Remix)

9. One More Chance [with The Spimes] (Memory Tapes Remix)

10. One More Chance [with The Spimes] (Lifelike Remix)

11. Time Machine [with The Spimes] (DJ Falcon Remix)

Scion AV Presents: Alan Braxe — Moments in Time is now available as a free download

Watch a lo-fi futuristic video for Braxe’s new track “Time Machine.”

Check out some archival Scion AV interviews with Alan Braxe and his cousin/sometimes-collaborator DJ Falcon.

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