Scion Music(less) Music Conference 2012 Panels Preview

The Scion Music(less) Music Conference of 2012 gathered over 70 experts for two days of panels, workshops and interviews  for people interested in expanding their creative possibilities and improving their business approach. Participants included Killer MikeTOKiMONSTAAction BronsonJermaine RogersDave NadaHarry Fraud, and Nick Hook, plus representatives from VICESoundCloud,  Third Man RecordsSpotifyMishkaRdioAcéphaleDim Mak, and many more.

We filmed everything and in coming weeks we’ll be releasing the complete series. For now we’re proud to preview some highlights from the in-depth panels that we put together.

In the panel The Business of Visual Art and Music, artists Jermaine Rogers, Justin Hampton and Chrissie Abbott talk about how you deal with direction from clients, be it a band or a label.

TOKiMONSTADave Nada and Nick Hook, appeared on the Independent Dance Music panel where they explore the pros and cons of being associated with a particular subgenre or community. Also Nada does a funny Scottie B impression.

On the State of Online Music Distribution panel, Marisol Segal of Rdio, Trevor McFedries of Spotify and Dave Haynes of SoundCloud discuss whether the ownership model of music is dead or if it’s evolving.

For the Vinyl Developments panel, Ben Blackwell of Third Man Records, Patrick North of Acéphale Records and Mackie Osborne, an artist who works closely with the Melvins, talk about some of the most innovative vinyl releases they’ve put together.

On the Building a Team panel, a trio of managers—Laurel Stearns of LSS Management, Alexis Rivera of Echo Park Records and Matt Colon of Deckstar—talk about whether they think artists need to sign to labels or if they should put out their music on their own.

For more videos from the Scion Music(less) Conference 2012, check out the Scion AV MMC 2012 YouTube playlist.

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