A Season of Mist Onslaught for the Scion Label Showcase

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Season of Mist tell us what they’re made of in the latest edition of the Scion Label Showcase. With this series of documentary videos and a collection of live recordings, it becomes clear what sets this transcontinental label apart.

For a primer on the label, get the back story on how Season of Mist grew from a tiny European import label, how it has expanded in the United States and the importance it places on packaging and limited edition releases.

Of course a label is only as good as its artists, and the veteran and brand new titans on Season of Mist’s roster include the Casualties, Atheist, A Life Once Lost and Black Sheep Wall, all of whom gave their own stories.

Late in 2012, Season of Mist were featured at the Scion Label Showcase live event in Southern California. Download or stream two songs recorded at this show, Saint Vitus’ “Waste of Time” and “Get Of My Back” by the Casualties.

You can also check out photos from Season of Mist’s Scion Label Showcase event.

For more Scion AV metal releases, get your ears on Meshuggah’s recent single.

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